Transmute Rock and Mud

Transmutation [Earth]
Level: Earth 5, Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
Area: Up to 20 10-ft. cubes (S)
Duration: Permanent; see text
Saving Throw: See text
Spell Resistance: No
Spell Points: 9

It’s all the same element anyway.

This spell permanently turns natural, uncut or unworked rock of any sort into an equal volume of mud, or normal mud or quicksand into soft stone (sandstone or a similar mineral).

The depth of the mud or thickness of the stone created cannot exceed 10 feet.

What kind of an effect casting this spell on the surroundings can be difficult to judge. These are some common scenarios that may come up:

  • A creature standing on rock that is transmuted to mud immediately sinks until hip- or chest-deep. A creature so sunken cannot run, has its speed reduced to 5 feet (assuming it had a speed of at least 5’ to begin with), and takes a -2 penalty on attack rolls and AC.

  • Creatures large enough to walk on the bottom of a pit of mud can wade through the area at a speed of 5 feet.

  • If the ceiling of a rock cavern or tunnel is transmuted to mud, the mud falls to the floor and spreads out in a pool at a depth of 5 feet. The falling mud and the ensuing cave-in deal 8d6 points of bludgeoning damage to anyone caught directly beneath the area, or half damage to those who succeed on Reflex saves.

  • Castles and large stone buildings are generally immune to being turned to mud by the spell, since it can’t affect worked stone and doesn’t reach deep enough to undermine such buildings’ foundations. However, small buildings or structures often rest upon foundations shallow enough to be damaged or even partially toppled if transmuted to mud.

  • This spell can create mud slides if cast on sufficiently steep stone slopes.

  • Any creature sunken in mud that gets transmuted to stone is allowed a Reflex save to escape before the area is hardened. Success means it escapes fully, and ends up standing on the surface of the stone. Failure means it continues to take the -2 penalty to AC, but is fully immobilized rather than just slowed down.

  • Each 5-foot square of stone transmuted from mud has 15 hit points per inch of thickness. Its hardness is 8. The DC for a Strength check to break out of or through it is 25.

  • The escape artist DC to escape after being partially encased in stone is equal to the strength DC required to break through it.

  • A creature fully encased in stone can’t breathe, and must make checks as if suffocating. It takes a -5 circumstance penalty on all strength checks to free itself, and the escape artist skill DC increases by 20 above and beyond the break DC.

The mud or rock remains transmuted until a successful Dispel Magic or a second casting of the spell restores its substance - but not necessarily its form. Apart from this counter-use, magical stone or mud is not affected by the spell (including creatures that have been petrified, but see Augment, below).

Evaporation turns mud to normal dirt over a period of days. The exact time depends on exposure to the sun, wind, and normal drainage.

Augment: This spell can be Augmented in one of the following ways:

  1. For every additional spell point you spend, you can transmute another 10’ cube, and the strength check DC required to burst through stone created by the spell increases by 1.

  2. If you spend 2 additional spell points, you can use this as a targeted spell on a creature that has been petrified. This turns the creature into mud with no saving throw, killing it instantly.