Planar Binding

Conjuration (Calling) [see text]
Level: Conjurer 5
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 10 minutes
Range: Unlimited; see text
Target: One elemental or outsider with 6 HD or less
Duration: Permanent (D)
Saving Throw: Will negates
Spell Resistance: No
Spell Points: 9

“Bow before me, creature, for you are now mine!”

Casting this spell attempts a dangerous act: to trap a creature from another plane on your own, usually with the intent to extort services from it.

The creature to be called is allowed a Will saving throw. If the saving throw succeeds, the creature resists the spell, and cannot be the target of this spell for 24 hours thereafter (although you could attempt to call a different individual of the same kind of creature). A creature that succeeds on the saving throw may make a Spellcraft check to identify the spell as normal.

If the saving throw fails, the creature is immediately drawn to your location, across planar boundaries. It appears adjacent to you. The creature (if intelligent) is entitled to an immediate DC 30 Spellcraft check or a DC 20 Knowledge: The Planes check. If it succeeds, it is aware of the details of the spell used to conjure it.

The spell creates a special bond between you and the called creature. The bond prevents the creature from attempting any and all extraplanar travels (similar to a Dimensional Anchor spell) for the duration of the spell, preventing its return to its home plane. If you dismiss the spell, the called creature disappears immediately.

This bond does not allow you any sort of direct control over the creature, but diplomacy, intimidation, and negotiation work as normal. Intelligent creatures called with this spell are usually outraged once they know the nature of their predicament, their initial attitude towards you and your apparent allies is unfriendly at best.

The spell does not end with your death. If you die before you dismiss the spell, the creature is trapped forever on the plane you called it to unless they find a way to end the spell (see below).

This spell can not be dispelled, but an effect that breaks a powerful curse (See: Removing a Curse) ends the spell, sending the creature back to where it came from. Creatures that can use a spell that can get them free usually do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

You can never have more than planar binding spell active at once. If you start casting the spell a second time while you have an instance of this spell active, the earlier spell ends immediately.

When you use a calling spell to call an air, chaotic, earth, evil, fire, good, lawful, or water creature, it is a spell of that type. The way you interact with the creature you call has an additional (and more significant) impact on your alignment, as normal. Unlike other [good] and [chaotic] spells, casting this spell is never a good or chaotic act.

Augment: For every 2 additional spell points you spend, you can call a creature with up to 3 more HD.

Special: If you draw a calling diagram (a circle, religious symbol, or similar) appropriate to the creature to be bound, the creature takes a -2 penalty on its saving throw. The diagram must be drawn on the squares in which the creature will appear. Drawing the diagram takes at least 1 minute of work. Knowing what kind of diagram to draw requires a successful Knowledge check to recall useful information about the creature in question.