Awaken Nature's Wrath

Level: Plant 9
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 hour
Range: 1 mile
Area: 1-mile radius spread, centered on you
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No
Spell Points: 17

You awaken nature’s most ancient forces, causing it to roil up and defend itself against intruders.

One minute after entering the spell’s area, any aberration, construct, dragon, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, ooze, outsider or undead creature takes 10d6 points of damage as the surrounding terrain and flora animate and viciously attack. This damage is repeated once per round thereafter, until the creature leaves the area.

Aside from attacking, the environment is not significantly changed. Retaliation against terrain and objects that attack you is possible, but does not prevent further damage.

When you cast the spell, you gain knowledge of a password, unique to that casting of the spell. You, or any creature you share the password with, can speak this word after entering the area but before the attacks begin in order to negate the damage (for the creature who spoke it only).

This spell only affects natural terrain, not places where settlements (such as villages and dungeons) have replaced the natural setting. If any part of the area of the spell overlaps a place of settlement, that part is unaffected.

Any creature unaware of the spell when entering the area is entitled to a DC 20 Wisdom check to notice that the area is terribly dangerous.

Special: This spell cannot be dispelled via normal means, nor can it be dismissed. Only a properly worded Miracle or Wish spell can calm the area before the spell’s duration expires.

Augment: For every additional spell point you spend, this spell’s range and area increase by one mile each.