As the base system is changed classes must be adapted as well. This chapter deals with updating player classes, as well as the prestige classes presented in the d20 srd to consistently work with the updated underlying system.


A spellcasting class is any class that grants a spell point reserve or spells known.

Levels in prestige classes that advance the spellcasting progression of another class are considered spellcasting classes. However, as they do not have their own spellcasting progression, one prestige class that advances spellcasting progression can not advance the progression of another prestige class that advances spellcasting progression. This becomes relevant when dealing with unusual progressions such as that of the Mystic Theurge.

Table: Base Classes
Class Description Max spell level
Bard An arcane spellcaster whose magic comes from music 6
Cleric A worshipper of the gods imbued with divine power 9
Paladin A divine hero of good 6
Ranger A divine champion of the woodlands 6
Sorcerer An arcane magic user who is born, not made 9
Wizard A learned user of arcane magic 9
Adept A weak divine spellcaster suitable for NPCs 5
Table: Prestige Classes
Class Description Spellcasting Type
Arcane Archer An elf who combines archery and arcane magic Partial Arcane
Arcane Trickster A prankster using magic for mischief Full Arcane
Archmage An arcanist seeking to unlock magic’s fundamental workings Full Arcane
Assassin A contract killer using poison and magic Independent Arcane
Blackguard A fallen champion, corrupted to fight for evil Full Paladin Divine
Dragon Disciple A dragon-descendant realizing his heritage Full Arcane
Eldritch Knight A warrior combining spell and blade Partial Arcane
Hierophant A spellcaster seeking understanding of divine magic Full Divine
Loremaster A specialist in gathering information Full Either
Mystic Theurge A spellcaster adept in both divine and arcane magic Double Both partial
Thaumaturgist A specialist in extraplanar creatures Full Either