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This is Eiríkur Ernir Þorsteinsson's generic personal website. It has limited content and no interesting stylesheets.

Things Ernir has deemed fit to link to include...


I use Github to store my personal projects. Have a gander!



I have a not-blog, containing a single-digit number of entries.


I run public twitter accounts. @bokabeus for English and computers, @EirikurErnir for Icelandic and politics.


Vancian to Psionics

I have written an alternative magic system for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 that I call Vancian to Psionics.

Tome of Battle Tools

I wrote and maintain an index of martial maneuvers for the Tome of Battle supplement of D&D 3.5, Tome of Battle Tools.


I wrote and maintain, a search page scraping information on beers from the state alcohol store. Adds detailed style information and associations with the Untappd rating database.

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About Ernir

Ernir is a computer scientist, currently a lecturer at the University of Iceland. Aside from obvious computer stuff he enjoys tabletop RPGs, fancy beers, lifting weights and heavy metal. He is engaged to be married and is the father of two cats.

Curriculum Vitae

My CV in .pdf format.

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Pictured: Not a QR code, but a Conway's game of Life implementation seeded with a random initial population.