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This is Eiríkur Ernir Þorsteinsson's generic personal website. It has limited content and no interesting stylesheets.

Things Ernir has deemed fit to link to include...


I use Github to store my personal projects. Have a gander!



I run a blog, updated several times per decade.


I run public twitter accounts. @algrimur for English, @EirikurErnir for Icelandic.


Vancian to Psionics

I have written an alternative magic system for Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 that I call Vancian to Psionics.

Tome of Battle Tools

I wrote and maintain an index of martial maneuvers for the Tome of Battle supplement of D&D 3.5, Tome of Battle Tools.


Find me on Untappd!

About Ernir

Ernir is a computer scientist, currently an adjunct at the University of Iceland. Aside from obvious computer stuff he enjoys tabletop RPGs and fancy beers. He is a happily married father of three cats.

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Pictured: Not a QR code, but a Conway's game of Life implementation seeded with a random initial population.